Bunny Besties

Our mission is to kindly bring the magic of the therapy rabbit, to show we care for those in need within our community.  With our values and fellowship, Bunny Besties creatively promotes caring, education, stress management and finding joy through the human animal bond.  Our vision is to impact our local community as Bunny Besties, through our commitment to helping those in stressful life situations know that they are not alone.

We achieve this caring through our committed volunteers, who bring the highly sensitive rabbit to those in need of the kind of love, only a therapeutic animal can provide in relationship with a trusted handler.  We promote education, stress management, and joy while thanking the rabbit for being the beautiful vessel to help us in our work, to serve the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Rabbit agility at our animal assisted therapy events


Our therapy rabbits bring animal assisted therapy cuteness all over the Twin cities. See our calendar to find out what we are doing next!

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