Registration Process

Beginning the Registration Process 

You may become a registered team with any healthy rabbit who you have known for at least six months. If you are not the rabbit’s owner, you can still register with them as long as you receive the owner’s consent. Bunny Besties will provide you mentorship through this process.  It is not always intuitive and the Pet Partners perspective is very focused on dogs.  Having a mentor can be helpful.

To successfully register, you must have a strong bond with the rabbit in question and be able to understand the rabbit’s individual tendencies and quirks. Once you and a rabbit are ready to form a team:

  1. If you are not the rabbit’s owner, ask the owner’s permission to team with their rabbit.
  2. Go to and create a volunteer account. Their website has numerous resources which you may want to investigate. Follow any steps it prompts you to take. In the event that the website contradicts the steps printed here, follow the website, as procedure may have changed since writing.
  3. Follow the link to the training center to purchase the therapy handler online course. This coursework can take several hours to complete. *Instead of the online class, you may take an in-person workshop, but these fill up quickly and may not be available in your area.
  4. Pass the online Pet Partners handler course assessment that comes bundled with the above-mentioned coursework. Print and hold on to the certificate you receive.
  5. Using the training center, schedule a team evaluation. Occasionally, rabbit-specific evaluations may be available, but do not have to wait for one of these instances to evaluate.
  6. Prior to the evaluation, complete the handler’s questionnaire and bring it with you to the evaluation. Bring the certificate from step 4 with you as well. You will need all of the equipment you would normally bring to a visit, such as a leash, harness, pet bed or blanket, treats, and a brush. Ensure both you and your rabbit are well groomed prior to the evaluation.
  7. Pass the in-person team evaluation. Afterward, scan and upload your score sheet to the Pet Partners website.
  8. Obtain and upload a veterinarian-signed animal health screening form. A blank copy of the form can be found on the Pet Partners website.
  9. Once every item on your online registration checklist is checked off, pay the registration fee. The fee changes depending on whether you or your rabbit have been registered before. Scholarships may be available through Bunny Besties.