Pet Partners Registered

Why Choose Pet Partners?

  • The leading therapy animal organization in the United States.
  • Over 15,000 active teams in 2016
  • Approximately 3 million therapy animal visits each year
  • $2M comprehensive general liability insurance for all volunteers
  • Required handler education including topics such as confidentiality, infection control, effective communication, and animal handling best practices
  • Comprehensive continuing education available to handlers including topics such as working with Veterans and clients with Alzheimer’s
  • Read With Me™ special initiative supports safe and effective interactions for reading and literacy programs
  • Team re-evaluation every two years ensures the suitability of the animal as they mature
  • Stringent infection control protocols, including thorough grooming standards, required hand hygiene before and after any interaction and the exclusion of raw protein diets
  • Dual level qualifications for teams help volunteers and facilities find settings in which the team will be the most effective
  • We aren’t just therapy dogs.  Pet Partners carefully evaluates nine different species through our Therapy Animal Program, expanding your possible pool of therapy teams to include cats, mini horses, rabbits, birds and even llamas!

While there are many local, regional and even national groups that can provide therapy animal visits, Pet Partners has the highest standards for their registered therapy animal teams that ensure both safe and effective visits in the community.

We are proud to be the only national program aligned with the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO) recommendations for therapy animals.


A Note About Insurance

All Pet Partners teams who are in good standing and following Pet Partners policies and procedures have the benefit of our $2 million general liability insurance. A team can present a current copy of the insurance certificate upon the facility’s request.

Certificates of additional insured may be issued to a facility on a limited basis for the purposes of an ongoing therapy animal program. Certificates of additional insured are not available for one-time events. For our insurance provider to issue a certificate of additional insured, the facility needs to sign a mutual indemnification contract with Pet Partners. The contract language will be approved by all parties. After a fully executed contract is received by Pet Partners, we will forward to our insurance provider the request for issuance of a certificate of additional insured. We strongly suggest you allow 4-6 weeks for coordination of this process prior to the planned start of the program.


Please visit the Pet Partners website for more information.