Nursing Homes

 The Bunny Besties are committed to the elderly in our community!

The Bunny Besties volunteers have been visiting nursing homes for more than five years now.  Our program currently for nursing homes is a true special event.  Our team comes and puts on a Hoppy Hour with an agility demonstration.  Then we do one on one visits with the residents.  The smiles and joy are palpable!

The Bunny Besties especially love visiting with Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients and have certain rabbits that excel in this environment.  So many of our best interactions have taken place between our therapy rabbits and an Alzheimer’s patient whom they have brought out of their isolation.

We remember a special interaction between Mr. Mini Cooper and his special person that day, ones that touched me in a way that I will truly never forget.  Please watch the video below to see Mr. Mini inspire this patient to a song.  Do not miss our video from our visit to Masonic Homes too!

Photo courtesy of Megan Gina Tamke.