The Bunny Besties are committed to teaching the next generation about rabbit care!

AHS Rabbit Education Camp Counselors

AHS Rabbit Education Camp Counselors

Who would not want to go to a camp where you get to learn about and love on bunnies?  It is just so fun and so full of cuteness!  <3

We are thrilled to say that this has been termed by the camp counselors as the “highlight of the week” for the kids attending the Animal Humane Society (AHS) Children’s Camps.  The children come to the camp because they are animal lovers and want to learn about the special way that the AHS is saving lives.

Rabbit class is a two-hour time during that one week.  We love to educate children that love animals so much and we volunteer throughout the summer at all the Twin Cities AHS locations.  This takes a dedicated group of volunteers but leave it to the Bunny Besties to always having rabbit lovers raising their hands to help.

One of the unique aspects of our class that the children might not be able to get at AHS during the week is a real hands on opportunity to get to know rabbits.  This is right where our highly trained therapy rabbits excel.  They love people and the adore attention when the end of the class comes and we put the children into small circles to pet them and ask questions from what they learned earlier.

We teach the children about:

  • prey animals,
  • animal cruelty
  • compassion
  • spay and neuter,
  • where bunnies should live,
  • housing rabbits,
  • feeding rabbits,
  • understanding rabbits,
  • their anatomy,
  • their heightened senses,
  • training rabbits,
  • rabbit agility demo
  • and so much more!

The dedicated Bunny Bestie volunteers have taught this camp to so many happy groups. We would love to talk to your organization about how we could partner for summer camp!

Follow the link to see how much children love our therapy rabbits!