Just Sew Studio

It was just a dream that I brought to my friends at Just Sew Studio.

What if you could provide more than just a book and a bunny to these homeless children?  What if we could give them a true safe place with a handmade quilt, a book and a bunny?  I held hands with the manager Debbie Tonkin and we wished for a quilting guild to appear and we would wish for fifty quilts a month.   My lesson learned is wishes do come true!

They created a day called ‘Sewing for Others’ and volunteers showed up to sew for the day.  Then word began to spread and quilts and fabric started getting dropped off at the front door of Just Sew Studio.  We had no idea who dropped them but we were thrilled. Then church groups began to hear and their own quilting groups began to donate their quilts.  Before we knew it our wish had turned into a full blown miracle!

Thank you to the owners, managers and friends of Just Sew Studio in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  In total we have given away over 300 quilts to the homeless children of People Serving People.  In 2017, 117 quilts and receiving blankets have been made by June 1st by these wonderful women.  Together we are truly making a difference!

If you would like to help we are always looking for more volunteers, handmade quilts and fabric donations to make the quilts.   Please contact Just Sew Studio and ask for Debbie Tonkin the manager.  Phone #952.285.9927

Please follow this link to their web site:  http://www.justsewstudiomn.com/st-louis-park.htm