Reading to Rabbits

It is so much fun to practice reading out loud to a bunny.  School age children have a core educational practice to read out loud for fifteen minutes a day for school.  Why not boost your child’s abilities and confidence by practicing with a therapy bunny.  The Bunny Besties promise there is no judgement here, just love.  We are all ears!

Bunny Story Time

Bunny Story Time was created for the pre-schoolers who are guests at People Serving People Homeless Shelter.  One of our certified volunteers reads books about bunnies as the children are all ears.  Bunny Besties gives each child a stuffed bunny to keep and to teach them how to pet a bunny with gentle hands.  Then the magic happens when it all comes together and the children get to visit with a therapy rabbit.  The children love making a Bunny Bestie!


University of Minnesota · Pet Away Worry and Stress

The Bunny Besties have served at University of Minnesota Pet Away Worry and Stress program since 2014.  The UMN PAWS program for us has grown each year.  We are so proud to serve the students at Boynton Health Services on the University of Minnesota campus.

Nursing Homes

We have lots of friends that we love to visit at nursing homes around the Twin Cities.  We thank all of our nursing home partners for donating to our organization when we come.  It helps us to keep hopping all over town!

Special Events with the Bunny Besties

The Bunny Besties love to bring creativity to our clients in so many ways.  We do this with our Bunny Castle, our Bunny Hopping Course and Bunny Meditation.  There are so many great ways we can help bring joy to those we serve.  Do you have an ideas?  We are all ears!