Our Proud Partners

Community Partners have helped to make our program so rich and exciting to those we work with at People Serving People Homeless Shelter.  At a recent visit with the elementary age school children we had such wonderful gifts to leave them with thanks to our donors and our partnerships with Just Sew Studio and Read Indeed.

There is a window from the classroom that looks out onto the hallway.  It was there that we saw happy smiling children hopping up and down the hall with their bunny ears on their heads wrapped in their handmade quilts.  Each and everyone of them took the Bunny Bestie Pledge!

The Bunny Bestie Pledge:  I promise to practice my reading every single night.  I will wrap up in my new quilt, put on my bunny ears, hold my new stuffed animal bunny and read my new book to him.  I know then that I always will have some bunny to read too.  I promise to practice my reading and to then have sweet dreams of bunnies!

Without our donors and Community Partners we could not provide such joy to these children.  Every single stuffed animal has been donated by someone who cares that a homeless child has a friend to snuggle with while sleeping in the homeless shelter. Each and every single quilt has been handmade by a guild of women quilters.  I have heard the goal that a quilter would strive to make one a week.  Lots of love and time goes into every single stitch.  All the craft supplies are donated.  Every single set of bunny ears is donated.  Every single book we provide is given through Read Indeed.

Thank you to everyone who helps us to make these dreams possible.  If you would like to be a donor or partner with us please email is at bunnybesties@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Your Bunny Bestie